13 June 2011


So! After much deliberation and a slightly neurotic persistence to make a confident decision, I've decided to switch to Tumblr for the summer. As stated earlier, I'm fond of its very-photo oriented layout and endless themes to choose from, along with its simplicity. In short, this is basically a summer gift to myself (I only just re-remembered how exciting it is to create a new blog with a new username with a new start and a new design) and I'm not planning to abandon Blogger anytime soon.

What I couldn't figure out, though, was how to keep musings equally updated. I dug around to find that forwarding verbatim posts is more commonly known as spam (oops), so my solution will likely be a form of post redirection using screenshots and possible excerpts. I'm not sure if I'll stick to this, and how often I plan on doing this (perhaps weekly recaps?), so everything is malleable.

I'm super excited--hopefully this isn't "feeding my internet addiction," as someone dear to me noted, but rather a fun way to explore a different blogging website and to satisfy my fleeting design wants.

Thus, without further ado, my new blog (pristine at the moment!): packet.

(And let me tell you, it took forever to find a simple and unused one-word url username. Kind of really random.)

See you there! :)


Psst...do you notice any design changes? I found a really interesting website, stiqr, that allows you to do easy edits. I'd still like to learn how to properly code (my Neopet homepage days are over and my knowledge then was scanty as is), but I think this is just such a great idea! I'm actually not sure if any of the things I added (image/link, especially the font, at the top and a fixed sidebar on the side) work on PCs, as it doesn't appear on my iPhone web browser either, but nonetheless, I'm a huge fan. And all right, that's all I have to say!

12 June 2011


Shabd by mixed alternative
Shabd, a photo by mixed alternative on Flickr.
New summer pack...I'm in love with this thing. I did get a bit of dirt on it today at Lums Pond (grad party times two, today! We brought Abu, it was an interesting first-time experience for both him and us), but I think I'll live. It's adorable and just the perfect size and I was so hesitant about the color (this [-] close to getting my default color, grey, but decided to stray a little) but it has turned out to be absolutely perfect. Wheee!


Amber by mixed alternative
Amber, a photo by mixed alternative on Flickr.
Accidental shot from my beach trip :)

while i'm waiting,

I'm considering opening a Tumblr for ease of writing/styling. I love my Blogger and want to keep it and everything on it forever, but I just can't resist the endless, simple Tumblr themes that my current "carrier" lacks. Ah. Perhaps there's a way I can split up and redirect my blogs depending on what I'm using them for and when I'm using them? Like a seasonal thing, or annual thing, or stage-of-life (i.e. grade school, college, whatever comes after that) type of organization system? I'll have to look more into it, but as of now I am more than tempted.

11 June 2011

lazy days

I'm back from the beach! Well technically, I got back yesterday...there's a long story I could tell you about how my dad accidentally broke my air conditioning while trying to make sure it would be in pristine condition for the trip, but I'll hold back (mostly since it's too early to joke about it. It was almost as unbearable as that one time I was on the bus leaving Sainte Anne's in Nova Scotia, en route to the airport, where the driver--who, mind you, has his own little comfy fans--somehow did not notice that he had the heater on full blast and not the AC, thus causing all of us to overheat-->faint-->fall asleep (I kid you not), confused of why it was so hot...until this one brave soul crawled. I repeat, crawled, up the aisle and informed clueless mister chauffer that we were literally toasting...actually, I'll admit that that particular experience was probably one of the worst in my life. So driving to the beach and back without air conditioning was very bearable in comparison, though my eardrums hate me from the highway wind...

Okay, I'm rambling. Anyway, what I wanted to say was that the beach was beautiful, although the water pretty chilly, and that it was such a fun day/evening/half day spent there with some of my senior friends and some random other people, and I finally understand why Americans have this huge beach house-mentality. Because I have caught the same mindset. Must go down there again soon.

However, today was spent clearing up some misunderstandings (number three within the last two days, in fact), being upset about missing outdoor park painting as a result of the third misunderstanding, heading out to a delicious brunch at Hank's (which was also close to the outdoor painting venue, so a good/weird/bad thing), visiting a small organic market close to home for the first time, beating the Elite Four minus the Champion in Pokemon White, taking a nap, making delicious summer rolls for the church Bible study potluck and mooching off the ingredients, eating some more at the potluck, coming home and beating the Champion, finishing uploading/catching up on photo albums for Facebook (I somehow feel incomplete when I'm not caught up. It's strange and slightly OCD, though I'm getting better), uploading a few to Flickr/starting the endless process of editing late uploads, and writing this.

Summer is awesome, to be totally colloquial and brief. I feel like I've been productive since I read and do this photo sorting thing and don't spend all my time online but sometimes watch ABDC episodes to see Chachi dance...but overall, it's been nice. I am slowly giving up on the prospect of a job--anyhow, my summer is actually pretty filled up--and should begin writing an actual to-do list before June slips away.

In the meantime, I love these lazy days.

06 June 2011


You know you've changed when good architecture inspires you more than pretty pictures of skinny people.


I think I'm going to start physical journaling again. Not sure how often or how long I can keep this up; it's always a sporadic thought that inspires me to use my Quo Vadis. I also have no idea where to buy them in the U.S., which will be a problem since I wanted to get another QV planner for college instead of succumbing to the Moleskine army.

We'll see, I suppose.

I also just made a chai-strawberry-mango-cherry smoothie, but I always down these things before I take photos. There's a little cup of leftovers in the fridge; perhaps I'll take a shot of that? Or just make a new batch, yum.

Hi, 2am.

04 June 2011


Somehow, I made it. And I love this song; lyric irrelevancy aside, it's so uplifting. I just fell asleep and woke up to it :) and now I'm just soaking up the last four years...wow.

03 June 2011

cheese & spinach

Yesterday's food adventure! It's not actually all that exciting since I didn't make it from scratch, but this marks my first official time cooking ("cooking") this summer. Cheese and spinach ravioli, one of my favorite quick-fix dinners. I believe it's from Costco, though I could be mistaken?

Sorry for the iPhone photos--I was going to fetch my DSLR, but was too hungry to make the trip. Excuses, excuses...hopefully I can get better at this! It's so odd, treading in this unknown area of blogging.


Profile view count is currently at my favorite four-digit number! And related but not really: 120!!! Not going to last; totally ephemeral, but pretty cool nonetheless. My wart needs to fall off so I can start running. I also don't know if I want to apply for jobs or not (called around 10 places today and I have a decent chance of getting something so long as I try...). If not, I'm going to be devoting most of my summer to the gym, repainting and cleaning my room/the house, reading, photography, and cooking--I want to work on a food blog! But then again, even if I do get a job, I'll probably still be doing all those things, just a lot less than I'd like. But then again again, I'm fairly lazy so there's a chance I won't even do those things without a job. And I'm still going to be tutoring consistently over the summer (senior preference, yay) so it's not like I'm completely without income...although getting a job would be nice for my parents...I wish we lived closer to the mall so I could apply to places there...meep.

On another note, graduation is tomorrow! And I would be watching the Script tonight, but I promise I'm already over that. I do, however, need to figure out what to do with my hair. And totally irrelevant-but-not-really: I think we're going to get sushi afterwards tomorrow! Real sushi, and not at a buffet (although a Minados trip is mandatory and in the makings). How exciting! :) :) :)

01 June 2011


Not going to see the Script on Friday...multiple reasons, but ultimately, although it would be the best graduation present and my parents had already approved this last-minute offer, I'm deciding against it.

It's sort of killing me since I love the Script as of late, but there will always be other opportunities :).

Meanwhile, today was graduation practice and I have a feeling we are all horribly unprepared, but that's the beauty of it, no? Our class has never been one to over-prepare and winging it seems like the best possible solution. I love the elevens. It's definitely bittersweet saying goodbye. And I'm listening to For the First Time again so it's not helping much.

Also, Spring Retreat went well. We had YLF and something about how Francis Chan says it's appalling to say "you're my favorite speaker" clicked. Our speaker, Thomas Wong, was fantastic, but ultimately, FC is right--all glory to God and how He works despite our shortcomings. Being able to speak with my roommate, the only female filling our post-college adult gap in the church...that was also very eye-opening and quite a nice experience. I'm excited to see how God changes and works in me in college, though that's not to say I get to ignore the present-day situations. But it really does feel like a new start, a reality check.

Anyway, prayer meeting in a few. I'll end here. It seems like a chapter of my life is closing...and it really is.

27 May 2011

dee oh en ee

See that? It's a 77. WHICH IS WHAT I GOT ON MY PHYSICS FINAL!!! You may be thinking--wow, how pathetic! She's so excited about getting a D. BUT LET ME TELL YOU A STORY. IT'S FOURTH MARKING PERIOD SENIOR YEAR >>> WAIT, SENIOR YEAR IS NOW OFFICIALLY OVER...BUT ANYWAY, with a full-blown case of Senioritis and with a calculated, necessary target score of 75, I HAVE BOTH MET AND EXCEEDED MY GOAL!

Who has a B for the year?! Who absolutely CANNOT get rescinded from Cal?!! (Okay I don't want to speak too fast, but this definitely means I am beyond the safe zone! :)) WHO IS SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW?!

Me :).

Bye bye, high school...it was nice knowing you, and I'm sure I'll miss you, but in this moment, I swear I'm infinite. PoBaW reference. You know it.

25 May 2011


Peach/yogurt color + Del Sol sparkles = gold?!

The Del Sol nail polish is actually supposed to apply as silver, but I guess since I haven't used it in so long and it's been two years since I bought it, the original sheen has since faded. It's actually a strange greenish color, but when dried, turns pretty :).

Probably going to take today or tomorrow's 365 focused on my nails, hehe.


Need to figure out how to import my CalMail to Apple Mail.

Need to go to sleep.

fact #12

Sometimes, when I'm bored, I go to my Blogger archives and click on the past year's correlating month. I hope to one day have decades (okay, this is a stretch...five years, maybe?) of memoires sitting here for me to digitally sift through.

What a wonderful thought.

Also, I borrowed Tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations today. Look how my reading choices have matured! Although, to be honest, GE was included in TTC, and I probably won't read it this time around, so...

24 May 2011


Today consisted of:

1) Waking up at 10am
2) Eating omelette brunch with my mom
3) Re-starting Alice in Wonderland in French
4) Reading myself to sleep...then waking up at 2pm
5) Eating chai ice cream and looking up rain shoes/Berkeley weather
6) Going to a foot doctor and treating that thing that's been on my foot for a year+
7) Reading some more
8) Playing Pokemon while observing the bao zi-making process
9) Dinner
10) Flickr-ing
11) Blogging :)

Probably going to head out with my mom to drop of some bao zi at Pastor Wu's house? I've slept so much today (and blown my nose too much) and this blanket of drowsiness keeps weighing me down, so I want to go outside. Must start studying physics for Friday, too...it feels like summer!


Fights always end in truce.

I swapped the pink color scheme for a green one...I'd like to learn and re-learn what I used to know about coding and someday make my own layout. Maybe even from scratch?

Now that school's done, I'm going to start cooking. Hopefully I'll document what chemical reactions occur on this page. I was thinking while catching up on one of my many overly-neglected Bloglovin' subs, that if I ever study abroad, I want to fully document it with photo and text. I'm thankful that this online journaling comes fairly naturally to me at this point. May it be useful in the future!


23 May 2011

fact #11

So basically, Facebook owns me based solely on the amount of photos I have on there...not even bad pictures, just pictures of my life and day-to-day nuances. It's scary. But I can't stop.

Waiting for the day FB gets outdated and I proceed to re-upload everything to the next big social networking system...except at this rate, I don't think it'll ever happen (I hope. Too much life already invested in Zuckerberg).


last official day...

My shoes for graduation finally arrived! The Alexa by MMK :) super psyched, except that they're a tad bit big so I have to stop by Nordstrom when bringing the other pair back (I bought my dress and shoes in twos to ensure correct sizing...as long as returns aren't a hassle, doing this has given me more peace of mind than ever before, yay) and see if they possibly have the next size down.

Ready. I can't believe I'm a graduating high school seniors. It's been four years. I'm done.

I'm done. :)

21 May 2011

fact #10

I always want to go shopping because I constantly browse online (like right now), but when I do go in person, I never want to buy anything. Dilemma.

19 May 2011

fact #9

I was thought have a form of dyslexia for some time when I was younger...my piano theory teacher noticed that I had a difficult time comprehending lengthy test questions and often read things wrong. To this day, I still make fairly notable slip-ups of the sort, though I've taught myself to just be more careful and slow in my skimming. I feel like I could have been properly diagnosed, but my parents aren't ones to drive their kids to a doctor when something has a possibility of being wrong. Brute force correction goes a long way.

fact #8

I'm passive-aggressive. Sorry. I really try not to be.

18 May 2011

fact #7

Seven and thirteen are my favorite numbers. I like twenty-seven a lot, too. And just plain three.


1,000! Yay :)

do something each day that makes you uncomfortable


I'm flat and sharp simultaneously (is that even possible) and the vocal range of this song is a strain, especially when sitting. But God loves me so it's all good! :)

Going to sleep now.

17 May 2011

the only context that i will ever swear in.


I might get rescinded. How did I not spot this error two marking periods ago...?!

I'm sick to my stomach. Literally. I feel like I'm going to keel over and puke my guts out. This cannot happen. I don't know how it happened. Why the hell would a school switch to a new online grades host website that gives inaccurate cumulative grades--couldn't you at least make an announcement telling us that they're wrong? Why would I bother hand-calculating my grades for the whole year when I am blatantly presented with the option of letting a computer system do it for me? How would I have detected the error in that?

Matthew 11:28. You will give me rest. I know that. You already cleared open this path for me, one that I never imagined I could and would take. And I know that You give and take away...but please. Bring me through this. I am humbled. I really am. I know I don't deserve such a prestigious school, but I absolutely cannot fathom what just happened. Why. WHY.

la nuit

I am in love with his voice.

fact #6

I'm not ready for college

14 May 2011

fact #4

I have a hard time with books; not because I feel like I'm partially dyslexic (another fun fact for another time), but rather because I get consumed by what I'm reading. And I mean full-blown immersed in each book. You know how Harry Potter turned so many kids towards reading because of the "new world" it created? I get that feeling for pretty much every novel, and it's hard to let go once I'm done with the book. Too nostalgic for my own good.

Right now, I'm wrapped up in The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Not sure how I haven't read this before--it was always on my book list--but I'm almost done (already). Had to drag myself away to elongate it. But then that pushes me to start imagining the scenes and over-thinking it again...

fact #3

The other day, I tried to write a fact on Blogger and the site was down. That's the first time I've ever had that happen to me. I also can't remember what the fact was.


11 May 2011

fact #2

I might as well do these everyday. Or whenever I can't think of something to write, to get back in the habit. Ah, how do I come up with such good ideas? ;) Just kidding.


In the summertime, I sleep perpendicular to my bed, with feet and arms dangling off. It probably has something to do with skin not touching bed = less heat, but anyway, I'm so ready to slip back into that routine!

Going to eat lunch now (but it's so earlyyyy), and then AP Statistics. I am so ready to be done with all this testing; the chances of me doing very well? Well, let's look at the expected values and compare them to the sample...

10 May 2011

fact #1

(Actually, I know I did a few of these types of posts before so it technically isn't the first, but nonetheless!)

The sounds of construction soothes me. It's like white noise; I can fall asleep within a moment's notice when I hear it. This is probably because I tend to sleep in cars and doze off to the drone of tires against pavement...but anyway, it's become very applicable to me recently, as the road outside my house is undergoing renovations in the evening. Something about the blinding night lights (my room window conveniently just faces the wrong angle to be hit by it. Thankfully. I don't know how my neighbors deal...) and mundane-turned-magical quality of the dust rising from the earth makes me feel at ease. It helps that I'm not waiting in an endless queue in the midday sun, sneezing/eyes watering because of the dirt particles, else this would likely be a complaining post.

Back to Statistics. I think if I had invested more time this past weekend, I would definitely ace the AP. However, as this isn't true, I will just have to deal with a few hours of cramming! Good thing it's an afternoon test. Good thing I can't really get credit at Cal for passing this. Bad thing I'm required and had to pay $80 to take it...blah.

09 May 2011


Stakes by mixed alternative
Stakes, a photo by mixed alternative on Flickr.

High stakes, mistakes, too many stakes.

the tide is turning

this is redemption's hour...

Hello! :)

I'm presently studying ("studying") for my AP French exam, which is in approximately 24 hours. Scary, but I find myself a lot calmer than I would expect. To be truthful, I didn't plan on studying at all, but was sort of peer-pressured into it--though not a bad thing, I suppose. I should, however, start reviewing for AP Stat, which is my last test, since I know I'm not going to do well. I have no idea how to do anything and haven't practiced in two weeks. Bah.

Nevertheless I'm in this oddly light mood. It probably has to do with the fact that I'm almost done all my APs and especially because the intense stress that revolved around AP Studio Art has finally dwindled and this truly marks the end of the school year. The end of my K-12 educational career. The end of an era.

Not sure what's going to happen over the summer...must finish applying to jobs...but I'm so excited. Nothing ever turns out as planned, as I've well come to acknowledging while trying to make plans for the next few months ever since September rolled around, but God has and always will provide.

This is such a random amalgamation of thoughts, but really, I'm just super excited to be done with French tomorrow and then study my butt off in a last-minute cram for Stat and then just leave the rest to God and the AP curve, heh...either way everything will turn out straight dandy and I know my syntax and diction do not match up whatsoever at this point, but it's just this strange feeling, not formally being in school for so long. Things are really ending. I just can't believe it.

I'll hopefully be back with more coherence soon. And another interjection: I'm fond of the "new" Blogger editor. And not having a protective guard over my MBP's keyboard. Even though that's dangerous and temporary, since I have to wash/clean the protector...but anyway.

Back to work! Going to do another multiple choice section or two and then pack up for the evening. I was thinking of starting Stat, but I mean, an extra half hour isn't going to really change anything, right?

More later,
M :)

02 May 2011


Hehe, did you see my last post? I was trying the Blogger emailer, which for some reason I never found until some digging around in my French/study hall/TA class. Pretty convenient, although I wish there was an app...though using email to update is a reasonable alternative. And yes, I typed all that by hand...finger. It's my latest AP French composition, revised and turned in for a grade. Oh, Romance languages, how I wish I were eloquent in you.

I also finally updated the posting system. Haven't been behind the times or anything.

Besides blogging news and Bin Laden dead, AP week has struck and I'm scared out of my mind. I did manage to photograph all of my art pieces in the school gallery today, though there's a lot of actual creating to be done...along with ripping some of my canvases off of their frames. Sad day :(.

Nonetheless, I want to take a nap, so nap it is!


Il y a trop de façons pour réussir--chacun à une idée personnelle. Pour assez de adultes du monde, en particulier aux États-Unis, le monnaie indique le succès. Pour les autres, comme les pères et mères, c'est de lever une famille en bonne santé, heureuse et contente. Tout cela est bon et je peux facilement voir les avantages d'une vie centrée sur les buts comme ça (bien sûr on peut toujours utiliser un peu plus d'argent ou aime la sécurité pour la famille), mais pour moi, c'est plus simple. Pour réussir dans la vie, selon moi, est d'aider d'autrui sans une motivation pour les choses dans le retour.

Pourquoi l'aide? À vrai dire, je me trouve la plus heureuse quand j'ai fait quelque chose pour une autre personne. Il y a plusieurs modes d'être content, mais après 17 ans de regarder moi-même quand j'avais reçu les cadeaux dont "J'ai besoin!", c'est vrai que la joie que l'on possède en les choses matières ne vivaient guère assez loin que leur dâte d'expiration. Mais quand j'ai l'opportunité de jouer la musique à l'église pour les programmes qui doivent avoir le louer au Dieu ou quand je peux enseigner les môts de français à mes ami qui iront au Burkina Faso l'été prochaine ou quand je fais partie d'une équipe de volontaire qui bâtit les maisons destruites chaque année, je trouve une joie en connaissant que ce que j'ai fait à un moyen qui on peut tenir plus longtemps que la chemise que j'ai achetée le mois passé. Alors, les petites choses marchent assez bien si non plus--en gardant un place dans un queue pour un étranger qui a oublié de prendre son yaourt préféré ou en tenant les ports trop lourd à mon école pour l'étudiant derrière à moi…tout chose peut avoir un bon effet sur l'un l'autre.

Dans une monde ou la guerre est toujours une possibilité, les adolescents grandissent et veulent être plus "mûrs" que qu'est-ce que c'est approprié, et ou la vitesse de la vie quotidienne alléché n'importe qui, il est important d'essayer de préserver la molarité sous la humanité: l'espoir que les personnes sont, en réalité, gentilles dans le coeur. Et pour aider ce cause…ça, pour moi; ça c'est de réussir.

Envoyé de mon iPhone

01 May 2011


a) vacuumed room
b) cleared and dusted table, counter, dresser, desk-tops
c) showering early ("early") in the evening so my hair dries nicely
d) inception. jgl.
e) finishing priority work while spending time with yg kiddos
f) reminiscing on bad times and appreciating the present
g) anticipated nostalgia. i'm going to miss delaware and the '11s.
h) beauty in rain
i) loving parents
j) may
k) childhood games and their updated versions never growing old
l) mac aesthetics. still can't get over it.
m) my phone, camera, camcorder, headphones, ipod, electronics.
n) ap credit
o) driving and morning prayers
p) esv. new niv, which i'm just starting to discover
q) words with friends free being an almost perfect substitute for the paid version
r) picking lasting presents
s) harry potter seven. the end of an era.
t) simplifying my closet
u) knowing berkeley will be a restart...something i appreciate
v) faith in Him
w) inherent ability to "hear" grammar
x) language puns and uncanny similarities
y) retrospect appreciation (in retrospect, i already put this down)
z) a new day in twenty-one minutes.

happy may!

30 April 2011

hum dee dum

Thinking about getting a Tumblr again. I had one a few years back but it hadn't hit off like crazy at the time and I was juggling something similar to six or seven social networking websites and so it went.

But it's just so easy...which might be a problem. Perhaps I'll revert to WordPress, my original conversion plan. I think I'd spend too much time (more than I already do) with blogs if I started a Tumblr? Anyhow I already have tweeting for minute networking :).

...I really shouldn't be thinking about any of this until after APs are over. Back to art!

28 April 2011

25 April 2011

nine days later

It's spring break! And really, ridiculously warm outside. So much so that I have a headache from staying in my room...thus instead of an insightful piece of my mind, here's a photo I just uploaded from my trip to California:

(from Flickr)

Aren't its feet just darling? :)

16 April 2011

ten days later

I'm packing. I'm not sure what to expect in terms of weather (maybe that's why I keep changing the list of clothes I'll bring), I'm not sure what kind of first impression I'll make, I feel like I'm going to have allergies from sleeping on a dorm room floor... ...and I'm scared I won't like it.

What if I don't like it.

That's absurd. Of course I'll like it! It's where I was born, it's in California, it's beautiful, I've always wanted to move back, I have one or two people here and there that I can grasp onto if need be, my brother is only an hour away (first time in six years), I don't have to trash all my scarves, I am going to be studying art and French and things that I love, six out of ten students are Asian and thus I should never feel racially and relatable-ly alone...

Just, what if.

I'm very spoiled.

06 April 2011


A new chapter...it's insane how in a matter of a few days (one, really), the course of my next four years of schooling was officially determined. I'm returning "home" to Berkeley this fall; I never would have guessed and am so incredibly indebted to God for leading me on this path.

I'm so, so excited. And nervous. But mostly excited :).

The prayer meeting I'm leading is about to start so that's it for today--hopefully I took my needed break from yearbook and will get back on the ball toward academic, spiritual, mental, and physical success.

Jia you!

(PS...Pokemon White: that's what's up.)

29 March 2011

thoughts from while i was throwing up today

No matter how soiled toilets get usage after usage, it only takes one 15-second flush to clear out all the sickness and waste. Lift up the lid and the water is clear, still; porcelain, spotless. No remains of whatever illness barraged it. Clean. Good as new.

How incredible.


The yearbook has been completely finished and submitted.


To be honest, I expected a wave of relief and a huge burden to be lifted off my back, but that feeling hasn't come yet. Have I ever even experienced that? Nonetheless, I am so joyful right now--I even got a rejection letter today, and it's not affecting me in the least. Well, that could just have been because I was so concentrated on getting the darned book over with, but anyway, God has impeccable timing.

Going to sleep shortly. I think I'm going to pass on attempting homework...teachers will understand, I hope.

Good night, and yay, I'll be blogging regularly again!

25 March 2011


Wait-listed by a school I had thought I could probably get into (especially in comparison to Cal), but it's not of much concern. See? He provides... :)

My future's definitely smelling like the West Coast, at this moment, at least. I'm so excited right now!


I'm three for three in terms of Cali schools thus far...I am certain this record will be shot come Stanford, but I can't help but be just so full of joy right now.

:) Thank you, God! Now I don't feel guilty for having bought a USC shirt last year, hehe. If I end up here, I technically don't have to burn my Stanford sweater, right? Hmm.

24 March 2011


Update: officially enemies with Austin. Must burn all my Stanford gear now...