24 May 2011


Today consisted of:

1) Waking up at 10am
2) Eating omelette brunch with my mom
3) Re-starting Alice in Wonderland in French
4) Reading myself to sleep...then waking up at 2pm
5) Eating chai ice cream and looking up rain shoes/Berkeley weather
6) Going to a foot doctor and treating that thing that's been on my foot for a year+
7) Reading some more
8) Playing Pokemon while observing the bao zi-making process
9) Dinner
10) Flickr-ing
11) Blogging :)

Probably going to head out with my mom to drop of some bao zi at Pastor Wu's house? I've slept so much today (and blown my nose too much) and this blanket of drowsiness keeps weighing me down, so I want to go outside. Must start studying physics for Friday, too...it feels like summer!

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