09 May 2011

the tide is turning

this is redemption's hour...

Hello! :)

I'm presently studying ("studying") for my AP French exam, which is in approximately 24 hours. Scary, but I find myself a lot calmer than I would expect. To be truthful, I didn't plan on studying at all, but was sort of peer-pressured into it--though not a bad thing, I suppose. I should, however, start reviewing for AP Stat, which is my last test, since I know I'm not going to do well. I have no idea how to do anything and haven't practiced in two weeks. Bah.

Nevertheless I'm in this oddly light mood. It probably has to do with the fact that I'm almost done all my APs and especially because the intense stress that revolved around AP Studio Art has finally dwindled and this truly marks the end of the school year. The end of my K-12 educational career. The end of an era.

Not sure what's going to happen over the summer...must finish applying to jobs...but I'm so excited. Nothing ever turns out as planned, as I've well come to acknowledging while trying to make plans for the next few months ever since September rolled around, but God has and always will provide.

This is such a random amalgamation of thoughts, but really, I'm just super excited to be done with French tomorrow and then study my butt off in a last-minute cram for Stat and then just leave the rest to God and the AP curve, heh...either way everything will turn out straight dandy and I know my syntax and diction do not match up whatsoever at this point, but it's just this strange feeling, not formally being in school for so long. Things are really ending. I just can't believe it.

I'll hopefully be back with more coherence soon. And another interjection: I'm fond of the "new" Blogger editor. And not having a protective guard over my MBP's keyboard. Even though that's dangerous and temporary, since I have to wash/clean the protector...but anyway.

Back to work! Going to do another multiple choice section or two and then pack up for the evening. I was thinking of starting Stat, but I mean, an extra half hour isn't going to really change anything, right?

More later,
M :)

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