13 June 2011


So! After much deliberation and a slightly neurotic persistence to make a confident decision, I've decided to switch to Tumblr for the summer. As stated earlier, I'm fond of its very-photo oriented layout and endless themes to choose from, along with its simplicity. In short, this is basically a summer gift to myself (I only just re-remembered how exciting it is to create a new blog with a new username with a new start and a new design) and I'm not planning to abandon Blogger anytime soon.

What I couldn't figure out, though, was how to keep musings equally updated. I dug around to find that forwarding verbatim posts is more commonly known as spam (oops), so my solution will likely be a form of post redirection using screenshots and possible excerpts. I'm not sure if I'll stick to this, and how often I plan on doing this (perhaps weekly recaps?), so everything is malleable.

I'm super excited--hopefully this isn't "feeding my internet addiction," as someone dear to me noted, but rather a fun way to explore a different blogging website and to satisfy my fleeting design wants.

Thus, without further ado, my new blog (pristine at the moment!): packet.

(And let me tell you, it took forever to find a simple and unused one-word url username. Kind of really random.)

See you there! :)


Psst...do you notice any design changes? I found a really interesting website, stiqr, that allows you to do easy edits. I'd still like to learn how to properly code (my Neopet homepage days are over and my knowledge then was scanty as is), but I think this is just such a great idea! I'm actually not sure if any of the things I added (image/link, especially the font, at the top and a fixed sidebar on the side) work on PCs, as it doesn't appear on my iPhone web browser either, but nonetheless, I'm a huge fan. And all right, that's all I have to say!

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