02 May 2011


Hehe, did you see my last post? I was trying the Blogger emailer, which for some reason I never found until some digging around in my French/study hall/TA class. Pretty convenient, although I wish there was an app...though using email to update is a reasonable alternative. And yes, I typed all that by hand...finger. It's my latest AP French composition, revised and turned in for a grade. Oh, Romance languages, how I wish I were eloquent in you.

I also finally updated the posting system. Haven't been behind the times or anything.

Besides blogging news and Bin Laden dead, AP week has struck and I'm scared out of my mind. I did manage to photograph all of my art pieces in the school gallery today, though there's a lot of actual creating to be done...along with ripping some of my canvases off of their frames. Sad day :(.

Nonetheless, I want to take a nap, so nap it is!

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