10 May 2011

fact #1

(Actually, I know I did a few of these types of posts before so it technically isn't the first, but nonetheless!)

The sounds of construction soothes me. It's like white noise; I can fall asleep within a moment's notice when I hear it. This is probably because I tend to sleep in cars and doze off to the drone of tires against pavement...but anyway, it's become very applicable to me recently, as the road outside my house is undergoing renovations in the evening. Something about the blinding night lights (my room window conveniently just faces the wrong angle to be hit by it. Thankfully. I don't know how my neighbors deal...) and mundane-turned-magical quality of the dust rising from the earth makes me feel at ease. It helps that I'm not waiting in an endless queue in the midday sun, sneezing/eyes watering because of the dirt particles, else this would likely be a complaining post.

Back to Statistics. I think if I had invested more time this past weekend, I would definitely ace the AP. However, as this isn't true, I will just have to deal with a few hours of cramming! Good thing it's an afternoon test. Good thing I can't really get credit at Cal for passing this. Bad thing I'm required and had to pay $80 to take it...blah.

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