01 May 2011


a) vacuumed room
b) cleared and dusted table, counter, dresser, desk-tops
c) showering early ("early") in the evening so my hair dries nicely
d) inception. jgl.
e) finishing priority work while spending time with yg kiddos
f) reminiscing on bad times and appreciating the present
g) anticipated nostalgia. i'm going to miss delaware and the '11s.
h) beauty in rain
i) loving parents
j) may
k) childhood games and their updated versions never growing old
l) mac aesthetics. still can't get over it.
m) my phone, camera, camcorder, headphones, ipod, electronics.
n) ap credit
o) driving and morning prayers
p) esv. new niv, which i'm just starting to discover
q) words with friends free being an almost perfect substitute for the paid version
r) picking lasting presents
s) harry potter seven. the end of an era.
t) simplifying my closet
u) knowing berkeley will be a restart...something i appreciate
v) faith in Him
w) inherent ability to "hear" grammar
x) language puns and uncanny similarities
y) retrospect appreciation (in retrospect, i already put this down)
z) a new day in twenty-one minutes.

happy may!

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