01 June 2011


Not going to see the Script on Friday...multiple reasons, but ultimately, although it would be the best graduation present and my parents had already approved this last-minute offer, I'm deciding against it.

It's sort of killing me since I love the Script as of late, but there will always be other opportunities :).

Meanwhile, today was graduation practice and I have a feeling we are all horribly unprepared, but that's the beauty of it, no? Our class has never been one to over-prepare and winging it seems like the best possible solution. I love the elevens. It's definitely bittersweet saying goodbye. And I'm listening to For the First Time again so it's not helping much.

Also, Spring Retreat went well. We had YLF and something about how Francis Chan says it's appalling to say "you're my favorite speaker" clicked. Our speaker, Thomas Wong, was fantastic, but ultimately, FC is right--all glory to God and how He works despite our shortcomings. Being able to speak with my roommate, the only female filling our post-college adult gap in the church...that was also very eye-opening and quite a nice experience. I'm excited to see how God changes and works in me in college, though that's not to say I get to ignore the present-day situations. But it really does feel like a new start, a reality check.

Anyway, prayer meeting in a few. I'll end here. It seems like a chapter of my life is closing...and it really is.

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