27 May 2011

dee oh en ee

See that? It's a 77. WHICH IS WHAT I GOT ON MY PHYSICS FINAL!!! You may be thinking--wow, how pathetic! She's so excited about getting a D. BUT LET ME TELL YOU A STORY. IT'S FOURTH MARKING PERIOD SENIOR YEAR >>> WAIT, SENIOR YEAR IS NOW OFFICIALLY OVER...BUT ANYWAY, with a full-blown case of Senioritis and with a calculated, necessary target score of 75, I HAVE BOTH MET AND EXCEEDED MY GOAL!

Who has a B for the year?! Who absolutely CANNOT get rescinded from Cal?!! (Okay I don't want to speak too fast, but this definitely means I am beyond the safe zone! :)) WHO IS SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW?!

Me :).

Bye bye, high school...it was nice knowing you, and I'm sure I'll miss you, but in this moment, I swear I'm infinite. PoBaW reference. You know it.

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