11 June 2011

lazy days

I'm back from the beach! Well technically, I got back yesterday...there's a long story I could tell you about how my dad accidentally broke my air conditioning while trying to make sure it would be in pristine condition for the trip, but I'll hold back (mostly since it's too early to joke about it. It was almost as unbearable as that one time I was on the bus leaving Sainte Anne's in Nova Scotia, en route to the airport, where the driver--who, mind you, has his own little comfy fans--somehow did not notice that he had the heater on full blast and not the AC, thus causing all of us to overheat-->faint-->fall asleep (I kid you not), confused of why it was so hot...until this one brave soul crawled. I repeat, crawled, up the aisle and informed clueless mister chauffer that we were literally toasting...actually, I'll admit that that particular experience was probably one of the worst in my life. So driving to the beach and back without air conditioning was very bearable in comparison, though my eardrums hate me from the highway wind...

Okay, I'm rambling. Anyway, what I wanted to say was that the beach was beautiful, although the water pretty chilly, and that it was such a fun day/evening/half day spent there with some of my senior friends and some random other people, and I finally understand why Americans have this huge beach house-mentality. Because I have caught the same mindset. Must go down there again soon.

However, today was spent clearing up some misunderstandings (number three within the last two days, in fact), being upset about missing outdoor park painting as a result of the third misunderstanding, heading out to a delicious brunch at Hank's (which was also close to the outdoor painting venue, so a good/weird/bad thing), visiting a small organic market close to home for the first time, beating the Elite Four minus the Champion in Pokemon White, taking a nap, making delicious summer rolls for the church Bible study potluck and mooching off the ingredients, eating some more at the potluck, coming home and beating the Champion, finishing uploading/catching up on photo albums for Facebook (I somehow feel incomplete when I'm not caught up. It's strange and slightly OCD, though I'm getting better), uploading a few to Flickr/starting the endless process of editing late uploads, and writing this.

Summer is awesome, to be totally colloquial and brief. I feel like I've been productive since I read and do this photo sorting thing and don't spend all my time online but sometimes watch ABDC episodes to see Chachi dance...but overall, it's been nice. I am slowly giving up on the prospect of a job--anyhow, my summer is actually pretty filled up--and should begin writing an actual to-do list before June slips away.

In the meantime, I love these lazy days.

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