17 May 2011

the only context that i will ever swear in.


I might get rescinded. How did I not spot this error two marking periods ago...?!

I'm sick to my stomach. Literally. I feel like I'm going to keel over and puke my guts out. This cannot happen. I don't know how it happened. Why the hell would a school switch to a new online grades host website that gives inaccurate cumulative grades--couldn't you at least make an announcement telling us that they're wrong? Why would I bother hand-calculating my grades for the whole year when I am blatantly presented with the option of letting a computer system do it for me? How would I have detected the error in that?

Matthew 11:28. You will give me rest. I know that. You already cleared open this path for me, one that I never imagined I could and would take. And I know that You give and take away...but please. Bring me through this. I am humbled. I really am. I know I don't deserve such a prestigious school, but I absolutely cannot fathom what just happened. Why. WHY.

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