30 August 2009


Tomorrow I will find myself in the halls of Charter again. Three days early. Why? As the new assistant editor-in-chief and previous photography editor for the yearbook, I'm obligated to wake up early, put on decent clothing, pack up my camera bag, and take pictures of the doe-like freshman hesitantly working their way around the school for the first time.


The first thing I thought about concerning my task as documenter-extraordinaire was if I should wear a uniform. Easy answer: no. If a little child unknowingly came up to me and asked what homeroom I'm in and what middle school I'm from, I'd probably smack the crap out of him/her.

...Just kidding. But I really don't want to deal with freshmen at the moment.

So then I thought about what I wanted to wear in terms of casual clothing. And the more I thought about it, the less I cared. Why? I've never been that high maintenance, though freshman year I did try to give a good impression with my appearance for the first month or so. In reality, though, there's no one to impress except myself. And so this year will probably go by as my happiest, and the most casual I'll ever dress at school. Sophomore year went by with many bumps, especially concerning teachers and my dress-code breaking, but this year should go well. I'm more concerned about studies than anything (note previous blogs), and I really don't care much about impressions anymore. I'm done with all that.

On the other hand, I look forward to see the freshmen (girls in particular) with their color-coordinated hair ribbons, rolled up polo sleeves with tie-dye shirts flipped over underneath, Hollister khakis, loads of jewelry, caked-on make up, and shiny new flats.

Little do they know, in less than a year they'll be rolling out of bed, grabbing the first polo and pants they see, sometimes forgetting to wear a bra (I've heard of this. Interesting, no?), pulling their hair into whatever style keeps it out of their face during hour-long tests, sans make up, sliding into flip flops rather than those sweet kicks they bought a few months earlier due to ease of wear.

...At least that's how my life is narrated, for the most part.


  1. awww i always wore my charter shirt when i went to freshmen orientation :) oh well that's cause i didn't mind being misinterpreted ^^ good luck! doe-like?

  2. They're cute :) Very tall and quiet for the most part, though. However, they do seem less obnoxious than the previous freshmen (and more intelligent). Should be an interesting year, especially with the new president...

  3. I definitely gave up caring what I looked like a long time ago...around last year. You can tell, no? :) It's really just a time-suck, especially for school. Freshman are silly.