31 August 2009

expectations pt. 2

Today, I pull on my destroyed jeans, since they're the most comfortable of all the pants I own, and head to Charter.

Frat: Mary, as a senior (<-- lol) you're supposed to be a model of Charter. Especially on the freshmen's first day of school! Today we establish the reputation. Those jeans aren't allowed in the building, even on casual days (Okay, I honestly had no idea. I wore them all the time last year). You look like you came from a rock concert! The kids will think they can wear those types of jeans, and wear them, and get in trouble and blame you! Now, I'm not trying to be mean or anything...

Mervine: *chuckle*

Middleton: YOU CAN'T EVER WEAR THOSE! (I make a pact with her to never wear them again in my lifetime at Charter.)

Biehl: BAD DRESS CODE, BAD DRESS CODE (after watching me get yelled at by Middleton) (he continues to do this every time I walk by)

Fleetwood: Did they come like that?

Mrs. Hollstein: Mary, your pants...
Me: I know, I'm sorry. I won't wear them again.
Mrs. Hollstein: No...um, I was going to say that I really like them! (Sheepish smile) I saw you getting yelled and and was secretly laughing since I think they're cute.
Me: ...

This is my high school in a nutshell.


I'm also assuming that this means our new president has cracked down on dress code, even for casual days :(. Last time this happened to me I stopped expanding on my collection of colored denim, which I had planned to get every color of eventually; however, I really do like the whole destroyed/acid/bleached/painted look, and so although this is a letdown I will still be buying a pair or two...oh, fashion...