31 December 2010

day twenty-nine

Hopes, dreams, and plans for the next 365 days

Look, I made it just in time for New Year's Day! :) Hopefully I'll finish this blog post before the ball drops--I'm so psyched!

Nonetheless, here are my resolutions:


1 | read through the Bible

2 | exercise on a routine basis

3 | learn to cook

4 | clean my room every other week

5 | donate old clothing, really whittle down closet

6 | drink more water, less soda and tea, and eat more fruit

7 | work on bad habits

8 | organize and upload photos on a normal basis

9 | read a book every month

10 | blog weekly, if not more (start using lookbook?)

11 | be more open with my faith

12 | knit and/or sew something

13 | practice the guitar every other day, if not daily--also, work on singing

14 | use the computer less/go outside more, and keep up my relationships with friends

15 | take Abu on more walks; once every weekend, at least

16 | love God, love others, love myself

17 | be happy :)

I'm actually pretty satisfied with this year and my life at the moment, but there's always more and simple things to strive for, no?

Happy New Year's, everyone! Cheers and God bless.

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