31 December 2010

day twenty-eight

Your year, in great detail

Again, I'm going to do a recap for this one! I was thinking that perhaps if I finish a blog post in the early early hours of the day, I can write another one tonight (seems like tomorrow night right now) and get away with posting my New Year's Resolutions right before it strikes 12am!

PS, I adore the New Year. New starts, new feelings, new stigmas. So inspiring, though I'm betting that sounds especially dorky.

But without further ado:

Well, this time last year I was still a junior. Very weird to think about. This means that my days were probably spent in dull anticipation of Junior Research, a constant state of terror due to my AP Calculus teacher, but still full of amusement, seeing the majority of my friends were still in school with me.

The first month of the year also meant I was on my resolution-high, probably trying to be as perfect as possible, quickly failing, and losing steam. This won't happen this year.

Also, I distinctly remember taking the SAT Subject Test for literature. Hmm. Oh, and of course, midterms. Which probably means the 18-day extra snow weekend we received happened around this time. Such great memories :).

To be quite honest, the first two months are pretty much the same for me, academics-wise. But February always means winter retreat, which this year was a joint one (no snowboarding, but meeting lots of other people, yes!). I suppose what most clearly sticks out is that WCEC officially met C4 for the first time at the joint retreat, which ensued in much communication and stellar jam sessions. And a visit to Friendly's-oh-wait-too-many-people-so-Five Guys.

Third marking period, already...probably freaked out a lot concerning my grades. That's a given, though. Not much is eventful in the winter months, usually.

Okay, I lied. I don't recall March as being a huge point, either. Actually, upon thinking back, I'm more convinced that the snow thing might have occurred later in the year and not right after our winter break...but I'm probably wrong. I'm actually doubting myself at this moment. Hmm.

But I do believe it was a cold March. At this point, the slopes are basically closed so there's no real point in it being wintry outside. I'm trying to remember significant events, but nothing huge comes to mind. Probably was counting down to spring break.

Ah, the month of ultimate stress. College application results for all my friends, for one, and the beginning of AP cramming...although I'm fairly certain I didn't start until May. Huh.

Oooh! I did visit California for the first time since our move, which was an absolutely fantastic visit. Got to see UCSB, USC, Cal, and Stanford while we were over on the West Coast, along with some wonderful beaches. Is it weird that my favorite memories were driving along Route 1? The scenery is just breathtaking. And although it rained in Monterey, I clearly remember being in complete awe at how beautiful the city and everything was, nonetheless.

I love California.

But anyway, April was also prom...interesting. And prom dress shopping, I suppose. I still can't believe it took almost no convincing to get my parents to agree on the BCBG number I fell in love with. I need somewhere else to wear it to. I love that dress.

AP exams, enough said. Mrs. Gupta also passed in this month, something I wish wasn't the first thing to pop up in mind, but undeniably would. I wasn't close to her, but her presence was trademark at Charter, and still dearly missed.

After AP exams, we played cards in literally every class. The school year crumbles after mid-May, so that would probably mean my skin got a lot better, haha. I can't wait until May 2011.

Vacation, obviously! The first stop was Hanover for Austin's graduation. It rained. I got my first Anthropologie dress. And has delicious Asian cuisine. Who knew you could find such well-priced restaurants in the middle of the forest? No making fun of Dartmouth, though--love to my brother's alma mater!

After his graduation came Work Camp, which I had skipped a year of. Fun times.

...And right after that,

Nova Scotia.

This is pretty all-encompassing, seeing the program lasted five weeks. The best camp experience I've ever had, hands down. I was so surprised by myself in this program--I can't believe I actually learned to speak French and turned into a slight extrovert while speaking only a foreign language. Strange things happen in Canada.

But right, some of my best memories. I do not at all regret going, even if it did result in a $400 phone bill and getting verbally punished, heh. I adore and miss my friends from la Nouvelle-Ecosse, and am certain we will meet again (although the majority of them have already had various get-togethers that I couldn't attend :(...). I'm banking on backpacking Europe with two of my closest to meet my other lovely in Germany, hopefully soon.

I miss those girls to death.

This marks the end of the Sainte Anne's experience, but at the same time, a complete curveball and memory in the opposite direction: Haiti.

I don't think I need to say much about this. I've never before (obviously) experienced anything of this sort, but as I've said before, the absolute most crazy thing (besides the country's beauty, speaking to the locals, working with the locals, etc.) was that time literally froze, suspended in midair. I never knew what time it was, and the days were both so quick and so excruciatingly slow in the most delicious way imaginable.

I don't know how to explain it. In short, amazing trip.

And then I got home to see a few kiddos before they embarked for college. I missed most of the others.

And school started.

Senior year begins. A good month, since everyone's in the hype of the new school year (again with the fresh starts thing!). Seeing I love my classes this year, although they aren't all easy, everything was fairly enjoyable. I also adore the new senior privileges, although I think I'm going to stop leaving school at 11am on those days when I only have two real classes in the morning...I got this strange attendance letter today. But that's irrelevant.

Mood for the month? Utter amazement of how far I've come.

Lots of fun stuff! My birthday, for one, which was unusually eventful (again, most of my friends are in college at this point) but sweet. I got my first pair of Frye boots, which I subsequently wore almost every day. Love those babies.

Also, pep rally. This is the one day in the year where I burst with energy and pride for my school. A bit embarrassing, but I love it.

In addition to this, fall really kicks in. I don't have a particularly favorite season, but I love fall--the colors, layering, need to wear jeans again...just not getting sick. But definitely a quick month.

Ah, the eleventh month. The first thing that comes to mind is college applications, and anxious anticipation. Not so fun, but admittedly a good experience.

What else? This month flew quickly; I spent 4/30 days in New York City on three separate occasions. One to visit Columbia, one for NYU, and once for an AP Art trip.

Speaking of art, this definitely was the month I got closer to a lot of the Charter kids in my AP Art class. We've always been acquaintances, but the trip really pulled me closer to most of them, I'd say.

I earn good grades on my first report card :)! However, the second marking period doesn't go as well...not sure what's happening. Senior slump already? A bit, yes, but mostly the difficult stuff settling in, I'd say. Bah.

BUT! Thanksgiving break. Got to see a bunch of friends and go Black Friday (and the day after) shopping, which is always a nice stress reliever! Also sampled Hank's brunch for the first time. The best breakfast menu I've ever had. I plan on going again (wanted to last week, but couldn't) and hopefully photographing the experience with my DSLR, not camera phone. I still don't know if I'm allowed to take pictures at restaurants, in general...

And finally,

The quickest and slowest month, for various reasons. Early decision results, waiting for vacation to start, extreme laziness settling in, getting sick, choir Christmas program practice, finishing the rest of my college applications (one left, but I'm done with Common App!)...everything is such a blur, and I can't believe Christmas was just last week.

Ooh, and I got to go snowboarding at Camelback for two days. Not back, I want to go again, though!

But overall, the month passed in a snap. And to think that I just summarized my whole year...pretty crazy. Something I implicitly wish annually is that the upcoming year is memorable and better than the last. Clearly, each year is probably going to have memorable points, but I'm glad to say that this was one of my favorites. So much has happened, and so much has changed, but in a refreshing and eye-opening way.

2011, bring it.

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