30 December 2010

day twenty-seven

This month, in great detail


Hmm...to sum things up, since I really do have to get to work and promised myself I wouldn't go "in great detail" since the last post was way too long and only encompassed a single week:

- Birthdays of beloved friends
- Lots of college apping
- Lots of not going to the mall and then suddenly going to the mall the week prior to Christmas
- Lots of watching online TV
- An impressive amount of reading done (impressive meaning ~2 books, haha)
- An impressive amount of DVDs bought (also meaning 2. We never buy movies)
- Lots of cleaning (my mom got a new vacuum and I have become a slight germaphobe)
- Lots of missing school due to illness, from what the attendance record that was just mailed to me claims...hmph.
- Lots of aching. Well, not really--but the magnitude to how sore my entire body was after that two-day snowboarding trip is enough to claim a month of aching.
- Lots of fashion blog-reading
- Lots of lovin' on my new MBP :)

And I think I can stop there. There's so so so much stuff to do before the clock strikes 12am on New Year's Day! I'm excited, but I want to have a significant amount of work complete before then. Likely not happening, but I love fresh starts and so I'm going to try to get what I can done.

Will write a post tomorrow!

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