02 January 2011

day thirty

Whatever tickles your fancy

This wraps up my 30 day challenge journey! It was fun, although I wasn't very consistent in posting. I think I'll be looking for another blog challenge to complete throughout January (maybe one a month? Ha, I crack myself up); sounds both fun and torturous!

For this last day, I'm going to just provide a link to my Flickr--as a part of my New Year's Resolutions, I decided I'm going to attempt the 365 project for both self portraiture and general photography. As if either wasn't overly ambitious on its own.

Wish me luck! I already had a close call with Jan 1st's self portrait, but I'm determined to try and make this work...eep.

I also realized today that in addition to my current NYRs, I'm going to add:

18 | No lying down with the laptop, and minimize use of laptop on bed (which I currently am doing...)

19 | Do homework and read books while sitting in a chair, unless deliberately trying to fall asleep.

I have a problem with utilizing my bed to its fullest...ie sitting on it absolutely all the time, whether eating or doing homework or reading. Not only is this horrible for my already-deteriorating posture, it creates this huge crater in my bed. Which sucks. And seeing 2011 is a major savings year (with my brother on his "own" at grad school, this is the first year in four and the only gap in nine total years that we won't be paying for college tuition), I probably won't get a new bed or mattress, which I was hoping for :(.

But anyway, today was relatively quiet. I didn't exercise (poo) due to the early closing time and fact that I fell asleep while reading a required book. However, R&R is always nice, and I can pardon myself, seeing it's the New Year :).

However, I do need to go to sleep now and start being super efficient in everything I do. Thus, bye for now!

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