17 December 2010

day twenty-four

Whatever tickles your fancy

Random, but in light of an acquaintance's recent success in scoring a job at A&F's Fifth Avenue store, a fairly recent memory was re-evoked.

If this summer ends up looking unproductive, I may or may not be spending it in Palo Alto with my brother! My parents' original idea was for me to get an easy job waiting tables or something of the sort, but since I was given a job offer while visiting Stanford Shopping Center's A&F last September, they agreed that I could move to the West Coast for the summer and work there (more fun than taking food orders!). And force my brother to live in his closet while I take over his room.


Just kidding. I'm not even sure how that would work, although my parents seriously agreed without much thought. Strange.

Anyway, this is more ironic because I'm pretty sure I don't qualify for A&F's height limits, but it's a cute memory I mostly forgot about. I was walking around with my Canon (just visited the Golden Gate Bridge) in an inappropriately-warm winter batwing sweater and white shorts when the assistant manager/something of that sort flagged me down...who then was a bit aghast when I told her I lived in Delaware ("if you're not a Stanford undergrad, what's a Delawhatian doing in NorCal?" kind of reaction) and then embarrassingly advised me to apply for a position at my local store.

It must have been the bad lighting. But nonetheless, it made my day and then I bought a pair of heavily discounted jeans. My last day in CA :(.

Okay that's where the story ends. Now back to Chuck. I think I watched 10 hours worth of episodes today. I'm finally on the last episode of season 3! Whoo :)

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