16 December 2010

new life

This week has been fairly horrible, but! the later part of today probably makes up for everything. Anyway, I'm becoming more of an optimistic thinker.

- I didn't win a portfolio award for the Scholastics competition, but my Haiti piece that I'm gifting to someone next week did win a merit award!
- I also discovered that the reason why none of my other pieces had received awards is because unlike past years, this time the judges aren't pulling pieces out of portfolios to be adjudicated, which makes total sense. Not that I believe all my artwork is A+ quality, but I did spend an awful lot of time on some of them, which I thought would earn me a few keys :(.
- This means that my midterm grade will not automatically be a C, since the art teachers will be looking over everyone's portfolio a second time to see the quality of work, since the original "how-many-awards-you-win-determines-your-midterm-grade" policy is nullified due to the new judging rule.

But anyway,

- I got out of school early because it's an A-day...awesome.
- I ate at PureBread for lunch--I've been craving their Akita Panini for something like three weeks. It was the most gratifying meal I've had in quite some time. Akita's the first thing I tried there, and the only thing I've had there as a result. Portobella mushrooms serve as thee perfect "meat" to a sandwich.
- While I was at PureBread, I happened to have a spare piece of paper and pen in my wristlet, thus was able to plan out in what direction my AP Art portfolio is going. It seems like I have much time, but I know I need to keep chugging along in order to make this work. I'm going to get a 5. I have to.
- Went to A.C. Moore and found the perfect sized canvas for the next piece I had in mind. Although I had to wait an extra 15 minutes in line because I realized my canvas packaging was ripped, it was worth it because!

- It's snowing!

(However, I almost died twice sliding on the ice...I've never driven in the snow before, actually.)

- You know how when a steady flurry begins and the snow dust on the road flies around as cars drive on it due to heat/wind/not being wet and slushy/etc.? I'm not sure for the actual reasoning behind this, but I think it's the coolest, most beautiful thing ever. It's like the snow has a personality, but it also reminds me of chocolate swirls at the same time. I don't think I'm being coherent. I wish I had brought my video Nano with me to take some footage.

- After getting home, I took Abu for a walk! He hasn't had exercise of that sort in...yeah this is embarrassing to admit, but anyway, it was well-deserved. He's a good boy :).

And now I'm home. It's just hitting 3pm, and I may/may not have an art lesson tonight depending on the snow...nonetheless, I'm going to take a break and watch some Psych and work out the details of my next oil piece. So excited!

(If my productivity level continues to grow from when my motivation began last night, I think I'll be superwoman by the time winter break is over. Crossed fingers! I really need momentum.)

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