21 December 2010

day twenty-five

Your day, in great detail

I wake at around 10:40, thanks to a stink bug landing on my window. Something about its buzz makes me antsy. A few minutes later, I doze off...but yet again, hear the bug. This time, it falls. I groan, wake up, locate it (on the windowsill), and flush it down the toilet. Back to bed.

I wake up again and remember that last night I fell asleep reading. Thus, I didn't do devotions or, more disgustingly, brush my teeth. I definitely wake up, run to the bathroom, finish what I need to, and then start reading again.

I move downstairs to read. I have this weird aesthetics fix where I picture myself being more comfortable when located in a more picturesque location. Not sure if that makes sense. But nonetheless, I move to the sofa to read with my blanket; Abu whines for a moment, and I read.

Stomach growls.

I growl at my brother. He's up, but has headphones on (as usual), making it impossible for him to hear. What are NON-soundproof headphones? He's never heard of such a thing. The music is so annoyingly loud, even if someone was robbing the house and holding him to gunpoint, I doubt he'd hear. I go upstairs to yell at him, and we leave for errands.

Arrive at pho. I haven't had it in some time because my penchant for these admittedly delicious Vietnamese noodles has been semi-outgrown, mostly because I've had it so many times (weekend after weekend, sometimes day after day). I try it again. Not bad, but at the end I wish I had ordered this other, dry dish my mom tried once. Oh well.

We go to Best Buy, browse the Apple stand (the MacBook Air 11.6" is adorable, my kind of netbook :)), browse other laptops, browse camcorders, browse cameras, browse TVs (the new 3D ones are pretty cool, but not something I'm interested in), browse gaming consoles, and finally get around to getting the blank DVD-Rs and cases I need to finish my college application supplements.

Afterward, home, I read until I tire. It's about 4:30...I doze off (wow, I am so productive). Mom calls, it's 5:20. Almost time for art, but I refuse to get up. Dad comes home, we have a slight argument about food, I feel like throwing up, we leave for art.

Art. I start a new project with Teacher's approval and equal enthusiasm. It's to be a bungee jumping picture, 12"x48", based in Mt. Rainier, a beautiful Washington tourist attraction that I visited when the family was situated in Richland.

At 9-something, we leave...arrive at home. Mom's back, makes wonton soup for me, and we start watching Inception. Dad joins us as she dozes off. We cut the movie off 1/3 way through because Mom's too tired. I decide to search for the Godiva hot chocolate mix we bought last year, only to find the old and now-dusty tin. Bleh.

Eventually, Mom and I give up looking for it and I take a shower. I come downstairs and make a bangin' cup of chai, and go back upstairs. I plan my lunar eclipse hunt with my brother (though I'm still not sure if I really want to go out into the cold and watch...), find my tripod, and plan on reading, but then decide to do a blog post. So here I am.

Actually, it's just past 1am, so technically I'm into "tomorrow" already, but that's that. My day in great detail :).

Now back to my book! And we'll see how this lunar eclipse things turns out. Despite the cost of my camera, I'm not sure my lens is sufficient to catch the eclipse on film. Worth a shot, though?

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