08 June 2010


I sort of didn't think I would have to begin feeling the burdens of being a senior until September, maybe August. Sunday disproved this. Despite not really having massive responsibilities until autumn rolls around (okay, who am I kidding), I'm still having a slight panic-attack and know this summer needs to be a period of mental, emotional, and spiritual preparation. But shouldn't I always be preparing for leadership roles? To act as a manifestation of Christ?

Thanks for the wake-up call, God. I hope...know that You'll lead me through this successfully. (Whether I do more good than damage is another story, however.)

Eep. I have one remaining final on Wednesday, and then I can officially think of myself as a senior. I am a senior, technically speaking, because the class of '10 graduated on Saturday. What ever happened to the self-assurance that I would become this mature, interesting, knowledgeable individual by the time three years of high school had passed?


Not to say that I am not grateful; I am completely, 100% in thankful disbelief (over many things, though this was definitely the hardest hit). Who knew I'd even be alive in 2010? Just, wow.

Old song, but whatever tomorrow brings...I won't be there with open arms and open eyes. I'm already here.

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