30 June 2010

busy, busy!

So the whole blogging thing didn't work out so well, especially because Workcamp rolled around the week after. It was definitely great (and I did not outgrow it like I thought I had! How selfish of me...) and I got to be outside for almost the whole day, every day, enjoying the wonderful weather in Clearfield :). Such a difference from my normal being-cooped-up-inside...like right now.

Anyway, I'm rushing to get a bunch of little errands and whatnot done before I leave on SATURDAY! to Nova Scotia. I'm both petrified but excited; the extremely shy in me gets very anxious whenever I think about it, but upon realizing all my away-from-home-with-people-I-don't-know experiences turn out to be adoringly fun and memorable, I also can't wait. Mais il faut que je pratique mon francais. Beaucoup. C'est trop mal maintenant...bah.

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