16 June 2010

memory a day

I miss my running Word Doc diary. Simple and neat, it kept daily quotes and memories for 365 days, starting with January 2009. Not updating it as soon as 2010 hit was difficult, and now that summer has arrived and I am constantly restless to do something, I may have to start it up again. Perhaps through this blog...? Nothing formal, and it need not be a chaque jour type thing, but maybe it'd be worth attempting. It'll probably bother whoever does visit this, but nonetheless, I need to keep track of what I do or else my days will melt together and end up being countless and continuous naps.

One week ago, last Wednesday (9): last day of finals (for me). Watched a movie (Forrest Gump, maybe? I've been frequenting Netflix online, so I have no way of knowing...) after driving back home to pick up my forgotten Chemistry textbook...what a waste of gas...and then went to a praise team meeting concerning next year. It rained, but was pretty nice. Read a lot after dinner.

Thursday (10): stayed up late reading Chronicles of a Blood Merchant for AP Lit and finished it in the morning. Started A Wild Sheep Chase--required reading makes me feel somewhat productive, since it has to be done eventually, and at least I'm not wasting my life away in front of the computer screen, right? Went to the mall for dinner and to pick up a few summer essentials (including an Anthro dress for Austin's graduation).

Friday (11): woke up early to pack, and left for Dartmouth. Slept a grand total of 8 hours in the car...unpacked into one of the campus' oldest dorms. Loved it. Read more, ate Korean food.

Saturday (12): went to Austin's engineering-specific graduation, ate Thai food, read some more, bought a long-coveted rain jacket (!), reunion with Mom's siblings, ate Korean food again (yum).

Sunday (13): graduation day! Jodi Picoult was there for an honorary degree. Missed my brother being called up twice, since he wasn't in alphabetical order so he could receive both his BA and BE. Donned the brightest outfit on the Green...a bit embarrassing, but so what? Had Japanese food for lunch at 2; got out of the restaurant at 4:30...headed to Green Mountain. Beautiful place, beautiful hotel.

Monday (14): plans are abruptly ruined by realization that school is not over for Vermont-ians, and thus none of the tourist attractions are, either :(. Did go to Cabot to stock up on more cheese (LOVE, I was converted last year!) and stopped by Ben & Jerry's first factory for a tour and some free ice cream. Woodside is delicious, but B&J is so creative with their flavors. Tried to find Foster's swimming hole (ended up passing it, as a Google search later revealed...). Ate at a really artsy pizza place for lunch and then the hotel's cafe for a delicious and simple dinner. Swam and played intense ping-pong at the hotel. Slept.

Tuesday (15): decided to cut our trip short a day, and headed home. I drove four hours, from Albany to dinner at the local Pho place. A first for me (I don't think I've ever stayed awake for that long on a car ride...), lots of staring at one point ahead on the road. Got to REALLY talk to my family though, which is always nice. I honestly don't understand how they tolerate me; I have terrible assurance issues and upon leaving vacation early, had to ask about a million times if we would ever come back to do everything we had wanted to this time around. Also passed Stowe, Sugarbush, and Killington, places I've always wanted to visit in the winter...if only I actually could snowboard...maybe it's time I go back to skiing?

I also gained five pounds from my eat-sleep schedule over the past few days...but I had trimmed off five earlier, conveniently. Hopefully it goes away soon? I think I can start being productive this summer by making use of that gym membership that's been sitting lonely since AP season began...

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