31 March 2010

happy spring break!

After probably my most stressful school-related three weeks, ever, I think I've gained my motivation back. Well...mostly this pertains to the fact that spring break officially starts NOW for me because I'm leaving early for vacation tomorrow morning, thus skipping our last half-day :).

Kinda floating in between states of mind at the moment. I'm pretty sure I'm more progressively becoming boring and losing all the passion that used to characterize my sporadic tantrums and biased rants and whatnot. I like mellowing out, but I feel the media clone inside of me reemerging; I'm in the middle of one of my conformity phases. Which perfectly explains why I currently know every song on the radio.

Besides this (which I don't mind, so long as I keep some degree of my personality pure...priorities...right...ramble ramble ramble.), I've decided that I cannot write freely anymore. Everything I have spat out on paper this past year has been extremely liberal or conservative, or both in succession (pretty sure my teachers think I'm nuts). I have grown so accustomed to immediately developing a controversial, biased, powerful thesis that nothing I now write is neutral. Further contradicting my current attitude towards everything.

I don't know. All I know is that I can either write very skillfully and completely lose myself (I rarely share the opinions I side with in writing) or appease a crowd of people and write something pleasant but not very striking.

So what am I saying?

Absolutely nothing. I think I'm kind of lost right now, but a good room cleaning/reflection should snap me out of this lethargic movement. May I mention that I've been playing Neopets for the past three days? Only a little, but...yeah. Haha.

Okay, going to take a nap...I really want McDonald's Sweet Tea. Yes, I'm listening to a commercial for it on the radio. But, yum.

Hopefully Californian air somewhat refreshes me?

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