05 April 2010

home sweet home

I love it here. One visit--the first day--completely shattered my stubbornly strong devotion to the east coast (and east coast colleges, heh). I really have nothing insightful or interesting to say except that California genuinely feels like home. I love Delaware, but the atmosphere on the West Coast is that which I spent my toddler years in, that which shaped my general attitude towards life; that by which my parents taught me how to approach and appreciate everything.

I expect to frequent this area quite often in the future, whether I attend college here or not...and on the topic of college, I've let go. Things will be fine. This trip has changed my mindset. Thank you so, so much, God :). What a wonderful Easter.

I'll essentially be back Tuesday evening/very very early Wednesday morning, with a lengthy layover in Colorado(!). Despite my persistence in bringing 50 pounds of textbooks to study and pore over during vacation (we actually had to pay a fine because my suitcase was too heavy), I haven't been very successful...so I'm going to try to get something done now. I work best when I'm at my happiest, which I could definitely say is now.

Breathe in, breathe out...I can't believe I'll be leaving so soon.

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