04 September 2009

overwhelmed (a bit)

1) The 7th grade welcome night for youth group went pretty well, I think. Games could have gone smoother, but I'm not going to blame anyone for that...Seems like I'll be helping with it from now on, so I'll just say it'll only get better :). Learn from experience, yes?

2) I was super-duper nervous about small groups, since this was the first time I've lead as an actual...leader; however my group is very talkative (surprisingly), and I think we'll all click nicely. Seeing we already have. Yeah :).

3) My mommy's kind of stressing me out about my whole birthday party situation. I've never been one to have huge extravagant bashes, however for my 16th I do feel like I should at least acknowledge that I'm aging. Supposedly 16 is a very sweet year, but I kind of doubt that seeing I'm taking APs for the first time and my pick was probably not the best...But it seems that at the moment, the most likely thing that will happen is maybe a shopping trip in the morning with a few girls and a dinner at night with a bunch of church people. Perhaps a movie and some random games at my place? It's way too small to host anything in, though (in my opinion). I'd like to do something with school friends only, too, and I guess I have time to think of something? I never really do, though, which is a real shame. School really does get in the way of things, though. I don't want anything complicated else I will become the reason for incomplete homework assignments and lack of thorough studying...Yeahhh...

4) On that note, I was going to get snowboarding gear for my birthday (kind of a stretch, since if that's my birthday present, what the heck was my 50d/Gretsch? Ha, ha), and since Ski Bum has a huge sale next weekend I mentioned it to my mom. Money's pretty tight since Dartmouth's tuition skyrocketed and this is Austin's last year (good thing, bad thing) so my mom was pretty hesitant about discussing it--the reason why she brought up my birthday plans...I think she expects me to do something crazy and expensive? But if I don't get equip now, I guess it's not a big deal since I have plenty of time before ski ways open and I've time to learn how to properly board. Where there's a will, there's a way :) so no worries from me! I'm glad I'm calm about this already. I was kind of scared I'd start writing a huge complaining, spoiled-brat post. Hopefully this is kind of different from that.

5) Did I mention I start driving on the 9th? I'm SO. EXCITED. There was this huge issue of me maybe not being able to learn before my birthday, but seeing I end the driving portion on the 22nd of September, it should be no problem. Thank God :) if I wasn't going to finish in time, it would be a huge problem come time for me to drive alone, and being able to go to school by myself during DSTPs (HA. NO MORE READING/WRITING/MATH FOR ME!!!) and for tennis season, workload permitted. Ja ja ja so this is all very intriguing to me. Also, apparently my driving partner is a sophomore...interesting.

6) My family and I are going to Rehoboth/Lewes tomorrow :). It'll be fun; I've only been to the beach once this summer, I think? I love the ocean, though...I definitely plan on spending time there in the winter and spring, when I can drive myself places. There's no point in living along the coast if you don't fully take advantage of it. So I'd also like to start visiting more beaches in the area soon? But anyway, tomorrow will most likely be a shopping-oriented trip. I am in dire need of a new wardrobe ;).

7) I think waiting is a good thing.

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