02 March 2011


Also, the iPad 2 looks great, despite rumors that the iPad 3 is going to be something to "sing and dance about."

Also, my dad was 100% sure that spiders couldn't have more than two eyes.

Also, I persevered somehow through all my classes, an Activity Period spent in Physics per my own decision, actually worked on art in art, stayed after for two hours and legitimately worked on the yearbook, got a chunk of my homework done before dinner, and also participated in the weekly prayer meeting.

And then decided to look at the iPad ads, talked to my parents about it and inspected the new packages I un-boxed today, talked to my brother on FaceTime with the rest of the fam, and now I'm here.

How productive :) if only I could fit a good half hour to one hour of running in today. Not to mention that I still have to finish a French assignment and study for a Statistics quiz...but it will get done.

I have faith.

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