22 February 2011


1, 2, 3 :)

Too many things to praise the Lord about. Also too many things I still have to finish by tonight. I'm attempting a scholarship application for Berkeley...I wonder if I'll get accepted? Either way, the whole process of applying and selling oneself is intriguing and educational and I suppose the fact that my family has the means to pay for all those college applications and that I am eligible to apply for scholarships and that I have somehow taken on "leadership roles" in my few high school years to become an unconventional but fitting candidate for one or the other of the things I am working on; all this and more is something to be happy and thankful about.

Also, I find it difficult to keep up with an online blog and physical diary at the same time. Whenever I have a lapse in updating this thing, I'm usually committed to my Quo Vadis, and vice versa. I hope I can find a happy medium--both of these are useful and beyond helpful in documenting myself, I'm just not really sure which is best for what purpose.

Time to check up on my subscriptions, shower, write for my scholarship (bah), do statistics homework, study for physics...study some more for physics, and hopefully figure out how I'm going to complete both my AP portfolio and yearbook in time for the respective deadlines.


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