17 February 2011

day thirty (!!!)

A photo of yourself today + three good things that have happened in the past 30 days

My 365 for today; click photo to be redirected to my Flickr :)

  1. I got an iPhone...and a case for it (today!), along with discovering many new and intriguing applications. Pocket frog, you are my favorite.
  2. I ate more avocados than I have in probably the past year. Having another for lunch tomorrow!
  3. I learned to appreciate gym class for what it is--basic physical education. Although this is completely hypocritical since I'm dreading tomorrow's speed ball game...I am neither a punter nor a dunker nor a good passer, and this game mixes my lack of talent in three completely different sports (football, soccer, basketball). I preferred our floor hockey unit :(.
And the 30-day challenge (#2!) is complete! I'm excited, should I start another? Hmmm :)

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