15 February 2011

day twenty-eight

Your favorite movie

Transformers, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and Inception.

I'm as proud as I am shameful that my favorites are all completely viral--sometimes I feel like I should be immersing myself in more obscure "classics," but in light of the 21st century, I find my choices appropriate. All action flicks, sure, but the unifying force is really the graphics and advancement in HOW to create the illusion of reality in a two-point-five hour block.

All three of these have succeeded; resultantly, I can (and do) watch them over and over and over. They also make up a large portion of my movie collection, since I rarely buy films. I understand that my picks are probably washed out by the media, but at their core, I am undivided in my choice: they never fail to stun me :).


Field trip to watch Race in Philly tomorrow! I hope I don't forget my glasses and actually do something with my "relaxed" evening tonight...hum dee dum...

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