20 January 2011

one more...

I know, I know: studying. However, I realized something.

Wide-angle lenses are like an addiction. You think your 28-135mm kit lens is decent and can take great landscape shots until you buy the 17-40mm. And then you're happy, really happy, because it's a beautiful prime and you know you'll use it forever and it's such quality glass that it will please you shot after shot after shot.

And then there's the 10-22mm. Not a prime, but just as expensive.

But even wider.

I waaaaant oneeeeee...but I suppose the greater need at the moment is a decent zoom lens. And macro. And fisheye, for funsies. I'm hesitant to invest in non-primes (I know, I sound like a brat), though the primes cost a fortune, because I know they're highly replaceable. Primes are timeless. A real investment.

But this one is so, so tempting...

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