21 January 2011

la grasse matinee

So, about how I reset my alarm due to our two-hour delay (best week to snow twice)...and then turned it off when it rung...and then fell back asleep...and then woke up 1 minute prior to the start of my AP French midterm.

Wow I don't think I've ever moved that fast in my life.

Luckily, Mme. Kennedy is the nicest person to ever live on earth and she completely understood. And I finished my test on time, still.

Although I think I just realized an error I made. Arghhh.

But nonetheless (wow I love this word, I think I use it in every blog), it's the weekend now! I'm currently eating my breakfast and lunch at the same time and plan on finishing season one of Modern Family. Did I mention that I watched 12 or so episodes yesterday? Yeah...but anyway, this weekend isn't all fun and games either, since I have my rescheduled Physics and Discrete midterms on Monday...but I'm happy enough right now.

Yay :)

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