18 January 2011

little blessings

All right, more like big blessings:

1) It snowed last night. And after it snowed, it rained ice.
2) I had a two-hour delay this morning. I went to bed at 2am.
3) I went to school (got there early, overestimated traffic)...only to find:
4) I only had one midterm today!
5) ...Thus, I didn't have to take my Physics midterm today.
6) I didn't study even 20% of the material I was supposed to for Physics.
7) I am so, so blessed.

8) Got a 9/9 on my essay rewrite, which I thought I would do bad on because it was actually a make-up essay (my first time writing to the prompt due to absence on a prior in-class essay day). A relief, since I got back another essay the day of our rewrite and found out it was a 4...my lowest score since AP Lang last year. Actually, I don't think I ever got a 4 in Lang. So: my lowest grade of all time. Which meant that my make-up essay had to be baller. And it was.

9) There's a new episode of Chuck. Scratch that, there's a new episode of any of the TV shows I follow. YES.

10) I will now proceed to relax, eat, not take a nap because I'm already thoroughly rested, and use this lucky break as an opportunity to really study for my upcoming tests.

11) Will get back to the 30-day challenge in a while; the one I'm on requires taking a photo of an article of clothing I am currently wearing, so...not happening for a while.

Anyway, thank you, God!

Wheee :)

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