18 January 2011


1) This year feels different.

2) By the time I'm done my 365 days project...I'll be in my second semester of college.

How insane is that?

3) I wonder where I will stand with all my friends. Old ones? New ones? Will I have cut my hair?

4) I wonder how many of my NYRs I will have stuck to? So far I'm doing well on the ones that require daily effort...I have yet to start exercising (ha), but I'm determined to begin right after midterms end. Which is now Monday, not Friday...sad face, but I'm still thankful for the break I had today.

5) Random thought. I have this fix for fashion; more so I follow dozens of blogs, less so that I actually buy the clothes myself. But does it encourage materialism? Yes. Is that a bad thing? Yes. Is there a way to make it something God-honoring and not a money sucker? I hope...

Going to take today's 365 photos, shower, and study for Statistics. Oh, and I did take a nap--I can't help myself with this sleep thing. Thankfully I don't have a headache, which I expected.

Nevertheless, to homework and studying and the last stretch of my high school years!

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