13 January 2011

day six

A photo of an animal you'd love to keep as a pet

I was going to go with a Shiba Inu picture that I conveniently saved onto my desktop last week, but as I already have a cute little Bichon and a dog is too commonplace (sigh), here is my real dream pet:

(My photo, found here: click!)

I never really knew that you can own toucans as pets, but found out on YouTube (haha) one day when I was browsing through recommended videos. Apparently they cost a fortune and only live about 15 years (seems long, but Macaws live up to 50 years...), so I'm not sure how tangible my dream is. Maybe if I'm a multimillionaire and live in an Apple-esque apartment flat. How could would it be to have a couple of toucans (all loved dearly, of course) wandering around a white apartment? So cool.

But despite, um, the aesthetics of the bird (how come this is such a reoccurring theme in my blogs lately?), I really love how sweet they are. And also assumedly neater than parrots. And they don't actually bite, since their beaks are actually weak, which surprised me...but makes sense; look at the size of that thing compared to the bird's actual body.

Nonetheless, my answer: a toucan.

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