16 November 2010


I really can't find it in me to dig up that one picture I need for Day Ten, even though I know I have a conveniently located file somewhere in my email...oh well, guess the challenge will have to (still) wait. Kind of defeats the purpose of getting in the habit of blogging, but heyyy.

I've also been very lazy with school in this past week. With yearbook piling itself onto me, I have no motivation to do anything. It's horrible, but I do get enough work done, just not as much as I would like. Luckily, my art trip to NYC tomorrow and Thursday will hopefully give me that needed push to keep chugging along. Thanksgiving break is literally just around the corner, and that will give me time to catch up on yearbook shenanigans, reread some chapters for school that I semi-neglected, work on my art portfolio and Scholastics submissions (eek), and of course finish some December 1 college application deadlines!


Will be back with photos (hopefully I'm not too lazy to take those on my trip...heh) and more content later! :)

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