05 November 2010

day two

Your favorite movie

This is (again) both hard and easy. For one, Transformers, hands down. I don't think many people remember this, but before Transformers, special effects were good, but still a bit unbelievable. Transformers was the first real graphical breakthrough (in my opinion), and after that poured out a multitude of other movies with equally good, if not now better, graphics.

Criticize the plot, actors, and Michael Bay all you want...but it'll always be number one. I've watched it too many times to count (and seeing I rarely buy movies, though I watch them all the time, that's saying something), but each time, I'm always in awe at how obscurely detailed and visually perfect everything is.

Inception is a close second. I think it might make it up there one day, but it's too new for me to decide whether I'm in on all the hype or if it genuinely does stick out.

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