04 November 2010

day one

Your favorite song

I'm horrible at choosing favorites, as there are a few absolutely-necessary-to-survive songs I've garnered over the years, but I really have two that I always always always go back to.

Drive - Incubus (click!)
Covered in Rain - John Mayer (click again!)

In brief, Drive because it's ubiquitous and applicable in everything, not to mention that Brandon Boyd is incroyable and words cannot describe his music. My musical taste has changed and encompassed every label you can imagine (foreign to video game to country to metal to very heavy metal to indie to alternative to instrumental to pop), but Incubus is the steady musical constant in my life.

Covered in Rain because it's unique and poetic and heavily showcases Mayer's genius soloing capacities--no words are needed in that lengthy interlude; it bleeds with emotion. The song's history also baffles me...I love that it's the minor, more melancholy part to well-known City Love. It's beautiful.

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