29 November 2010

day twelve

Whatever tickles your fancy

Here's a relatively small Micron piece I just completed for my AP Art concentration. I'm not sure if this will make it in the long run, but I'm supposed to be working on concentration piece #4 and #5...and this would be #3 (#2's not even done yet, heh).

SO: improvisation was a bit necessary.

Pretty much: it's a tree, with wind chimes, a bird house, and a single leaf suspended. I do realize that bottom of the tree is not exactly proportional to the rest of it, but I like it in person. It has character.

I'm not sure if this will count, since it's almost painfully simple, but I like it. I love simplicity, but I'm not one to go for that in art. I like the illustration style (a friend from my immersion program is especially talented in this area), but I've never done much with it.

I also recently worked on a small piece inspired by another friend, who is actually pictured in the post below. She's planning on going to school for fashion design (and will totally make it), and her use of markers--markers!!! I was always confused by markers until she started using them; well, I still am, but it's much better now--spurred me to do a really simple Micron+marker piece. I want to work more with newer, more innovative mediums...I've been painting for over a year, and although I love it and have much more to improve on, I can't stay still.

...but okay, time to shower/study for my Physics test, eep!!! I'm sick again, which is a pain in the butt, and missed my private group art lesson today :( but hopefully this time at home helps me recover...I have no idea what's going on right now.

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