18 September 2010

simple truths

I believe because I was lost, and now I am found. I believe because I craved that insatiable attention that humans are unequipped to fulfill; I believe because I was at the end of my false relationship with humanity. I believe because I lost trust in myself, because I could not differentiate whether what came out of my mouth was a result of my perpetual search for loopholes or whether it was genuine truth, and because I was swaying on the edge of disaster. I believe because I implicitly knew the real truth--we all know the real truth--and I believe because my time came to realize it. I believe because He died for my sins and willingly hung himself on a bloody cross laden with adulteries, murders, blasphemies, and every type of disgusting human folly. I believe because He saved me...metaphorically and physically. I believe because no boulder of doubt, no scientific "proof," and no downturn in life can take His love away from me.

I believe because I was lost, and now I am found.

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