05 September 2010


I'm seriously considering starting a food blog. How much fun would that be??? I don't cook, but I love eating. I think it would work out. The problem is maintaining something like that...I've been slowing down with blog entries ever since I quit Xanga, which is a blessing in disguise (I thought about this on the car; writing blogs and editing them and taking care of a personal page uses a lot of time. Not that I didn't know this, but it recently became so much more blatant to me), so the chances that I would keep up with a food blog are slim to none. However, it wouldn't be so demanding and need not be updated on a very regular basis...and I also have many, many old photos I could work with as filler entries?

But then, if a food blog, I'm going to want to start all kinds of other random category-specific blogs. I originally ignored the idea (I wanted to start a clothing-record type thing for myself) because I wear a uniform to school and wouldn't have much to work with for a fashion blog, a long-time thought of mine...so what would stop me if I started a food blog? And then I'll find myself lost in a sea of blogs again, which I desperately want to avoid :(.

I also want to try out Wordpress. Secretly. I am very satisfied with Blogger, however...but I like Wordpress' layout and it is simply more aesthetically attractive to me. But Blogger = Google and I have loyalty issues. And subscriptions here. I need to catch up on all my subscriptions...

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