28 August 2010

Out Stealing Horses

"...and we do decide for ourselves when it will hurt."

Maybe my favorite quote of all time.
Suck it up, Mary; suck it in.

I am absolutely not/totally ready for senior year. My life is beginning to pass at a increasing pace; I love it, but I hope I can embrace what really matters before I leave. I think I've come a long way. I'm also behind on my fashion blog subscriptions by two months, but I'm starting to read the news more, so I suppose that's a good kind of change.

I will get to them eventually, though :).

Perhaps I'm getting a bit off track. I should be doing more useful things with my time, like sleeping. I love sleep. It's only a matter of days before I fall into the 6:30am routine of waking up with the sun. Painful, but college is only a fingertip away...I better work my butt off for this.

Tomorrow I go back to MathPlus to start tutoring again for the school year. I'm absolutely positive that the kids will be teaching me more than I can teach them, but that's the fun part, isn't it? Not really. But things are looking like they used to again. It's a relief to look forward to going back to my education, but my summer has so stealthily slipped through my hands.

I also love those mosquito bites that appear spontaneously; I scratch them for a few minutes, get distracted, and by the time I remember them, they're magically gone! How crazy is that?!

I am a mumble jumble of emotions and thoughts and anticipations. But I really don't merit this kind of happiness. I have hours of art homework and a college essay I am forced to write (what!) by this Tuesday. Hope I can get everything done. I want a good 11 hours of sleep the night before school. Not that it's going to happen.

Okay. One o'clock. C'est le temps pour dormir :). Bon nuit, mes chers!

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