24 April 2010

deja what?

It's always weird when I hear about people I used to know...say the kid who used to live in the neighborhood behind mine, who I took art classes with (his sister was one of my really good friends in elementary school) before his family moved. My brother just called, and apparently he saw him yesterday at Dartmouth with his family, visiting.

One: it's kind of crazy that my brother of all people (he goes outside??? Just kidding.) would run into them, of all people, who we haven't seen in at least ten years.

Oh wait. My dad just told me the full story: their family was wandering with some other people in the research labs (I knew my brother didn't go outside), and the guide/whoever decided to stop by his lab of all places...and then their family was like I KNOW YOU and my brother was like O___o. Yes. The world is quite a small place.

Two: it's kind of crazy that he is now some kind of academic genius, far from what I remember him as. Of course it's difficult to judge someone's intelligence when you are...six...but apparently he was accepted to both my top Ivys (among others), which is pretty impressive. Especially since the one that rhymes with Frown has an incredibly unpredictable selections process. But still, AWESOME!!!

Anyway, another little bit of motivation for me...and I have not done any work at all today except go to the mall and eat salad and then come home and curl my hair (okay, there's more to the story and logical reasons behind it, but still). Not completely a waste of time, but...yeah. I need to get crack-a-lackin', with APs a mere 10ish days away.


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