09 April 2010


Current obsession: Clean rooms and stationery.

I did spend a good three or four hours cleaning my room on Wednesday, so I feel like my current nit-picky state of mind is justified. Every stray hair must be picked up and thrown away and each item placed appropriately in its designated location. With today's gorgeous weather (okay, perhaps my definition of "gorgeous" differs from most...a nice, breezy 50 degrees) and my overall as-pristine-as-a-perpetually-unfinished-lime-green-room-can-get chambre adequately satisfying my aesthetics fix, life seems pretty in place.

As for stationery, I do my best to stay away from it since I used to be a huge pencil/pen/eraser/you-name-it junkie, mostly thanks to a miniature store that sold cute American writing utensils located in my elementary school and the sensation that is Asian stationery in general. Cute, nonsensical babblings printed on colorful pieces of plastic? I'm all for that stuff. (Or used to be.)

However, as time passed and I had more work, I slowly dropped out of that pointless phase of my life...I'm now dedicated to one specific disposable pencil and my Pentel Hi-Polymer erasers, but unfortunately, I have lost both of those thanks to my parents, who misplaced them on the trip back from California. Usually I would reluctantly pick up another one from the set, but I believe I'm all spent in both. So I decided it was time to invest in a nice, mediocre, durable pencil.

Enter the Ohto Tasche mechanical pencil in baby pink. Mmm, perfect aesthetics with a unique design; it even has a cap to complement its non-retractable tip! I'm in love, and I sort of want the other three colors though I haven't even seen it in person yet. There's also a matching ballpoint, fountain, and needle-point pen--not good. Supposedly there's no grip and people run into a few minor problems with it often enough to be worry-some, but I'm convinced I've found a pencil that will last me the rest of my life (lest I lose it in some manner that is not actually my fault :(, again).

Also, seeing the site I purchased it off of also is one of two sellers I have found for Zebra Mildliner Highlighters, I allowed myself to pick up a pack of those, too. Although the only one that was still in stock was the color set I like the least (no complaints, though) (and actually, now one of the other sets is back in stock...noooo), they are thee cutest highlighters I've ever seen, and are special in that their colors are not at all obnoxious. Love love love.

But I think that's enough obsessing for now; I stayed up until almost 2am looking up pencil brands. I think I'll have to put some sort of physical restraint on myself, else I'll spend all my tutoring/allowance monies on useless writing supplies. Though that pencil was approved by my dad. Yes.

Time to await its arrival and, in the meantime, finish my remaining Chemistry and Calculus homework...ah, I'm so close, yet so far away...

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