02 February 2010

fight club

I just finished reading Fight Club about half an hour ago. I need some time to mull over it, but as of now I'm feeling a double thumbs up. The only problem is I guessed the plot twist, and I can't recall where I've read a similar story to this...it's bothering me, but that doesn't really detract from my overall opinions of the book. Hm.

I did like it, though. I want to watch the movie but I'm not sure if I should Netflix it, since then my parents will want to watch it with me and I am positive I want to see it in privacy, alone.

This reading NYR is working out pretty well so far :). Time to do some more research on FC before starting an evening of nonstop homework, and then I'm moving on to Brave New World, which I started last year but never finished.

Mmm, if my brain had lips it would be smacking them right now. I love books.