06 February 2010


This "change-your-profile-picture-to-your-celebrity-doppelganger" thing happening on Facebook has been amusing me very, very much. So much that I have to share my true feelings about it via an online journal...right.

From what I observe, everyone has been leaving generous comments on whoever is participating in this thing's profile pictures. They all go like this:

"Oh, I can totally see it!"
"You look just like him/her!"

And my personal favorite...
"name youve changed girl sexi" (to which another person tartly remarked, "yeah, that's not name".) (to which the original commenter replied, "yes it is...") (hahahahasldkjei4)

For all of these, the original person who uploaded this picture replies,
"Thanks! I don't think I look like him/her, but everyone else does so I decided to use it." or "Thanks! I don't think I look like him/her, but my friends made me use it."

This, I think, is hilarious...if a person doesn't look like you, then he/she DOES NOT LOOK LIKE YOU. And to find a true, authentic, wow-I-seriously-thought-that-was-you doppelganger is rare. Super, super, super rare. And also, no one is forcing you to do anything. These two facts both support my first point: THIS IS A STUPID EVENT.

The second thing that really bothers me about this is that it looks like everybody on my Facebook friends ("friends") list taking this event seriously has found the hottest person of the same ethnicity and gender as them and uploaded a very Photoshopped, airbrushed, flattering picture of said celebrity to represent themselves. Or they have used that silly My Heritage program/application online and picked their favorite result (this is also completely inaccurate, I've tried it a couple years ago) and done the same thing.

Introducing point two: are you trying to imply that you look as good as the person in your profile picture? Are you implying you are lust-worthy material, a boy or girl that millions of teenagers around the world faint and wet their pants over the sight of (okay and what does this imply about you as a person...huh)? Do you truly believe that you resemble this person in any way? Except perhaps the fact that you both have hair (CRAZY!!!!!)?

Or are you trying to flatter yourself?

I have no intentions of targeting any particular person, and I have seen about three accurate doppelgangers (which is pretty impressive), and I do know that a lot of people are only doing this for fun and use this as a humorous, self-deprecating mechanism...I'm just stating that I think this is the dumbest thing since Napoleon Dynamite. The one movie I truly, absolutely hated. (See related: Dumb and Dumber)

Okay, maybe I've been stuck inside for too long and therefore have to rant...yep...I think that might be it. But despite all excuses about being a jerk, and to be completely serious, for the ones who actually think they look like Megan Fox or Channing Tatum: ouvrir vos yeux, s'il vous plait.

Open your eyes.

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