08 February 2010


Today's another one of those really peaceful, calm, quiet days. I got my timed, hour-long AP Lang homework assignment done, and then started to browse online/finish a movie when I found out...there's no school tomorrow, either :)!

Amazing feeling. I'm going to take the rest of the day off (but I probably won't, because my conscious is already nagging for me to finish yesterday's homework...it's going to start piling up), and then maybe head to the gym for the first time in ages, aha, and then finish my latest (and favorite, thus far!) oil painting at class today.

Pure bliss. (And it's going to snow tomorrow night and throughout Wednesday, meaning my 4.5 day weekend will be extended a couple more days, hopefully!)

But back to the movie I was watching--Paris, Je T'aime. I started it a month or two ago and never finished it; it's easy to stop and start because it's a compilation of short stories, and it has to be one of the cutest yet grounded films I've seen. It resembles Love Actually, except in French and with a lot of random situations thrown in. I love the fact that it takes place in almost all the neighborhoods that make up Paris, which I didn't actually notice until towards the end, and that all the stories share a commonality in style and simplicity. Definitely worth a watch.

France has this impeccable and captivating charm that is pretty indescribable. Maybe it has to do with housing le Tour Eiffel, being a major fashion capital, the art-form that food is in the nation, the laid-back lifestyle everyone picks up there, having both gorgeous countrysides and these worn, beautiful cities...or maybe it just has to do with how lovely the language is, by itself.

It's hard to put into words, but I do know that I want to live there for at least a few months of my life. I'm not exactly sure how I ventured into this topic, but I do know it's something I'm pretty passionate about. These types of days are my favorite--I wouldn't call them lazy, since I have gotten (a little) work done, but the majority of the day leads to much reflection, whether outward or inward.

Onto New York, I Love You! I don't expect it to possess the same charm as PJT, but I'm excited to see Orlando Bloom on film for the first time since Pirates of the Caribbean. Yum!

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