29 January 2010

indulgences of the week

1) Godiva's Chocolate Cashews
Absolutely delicious, the perfect mix of sweet and salty. Try the pecans, too--they're just as good (crunchy!), if not better. I've been eating them all week, and I've cleared about $20 worth of them so far. Yum :), but expensive :(.

2) February 2010 Vogue ft. Jessica Biel
Magazines are hard for me to save, but I think I've been doing pretty well with this (next) month's issue of Vogue. A few minutes of skimming and/or reading is really all I need to be completely mesmerized and inspired. There's also a really interesting spread focused around P. Diddy and his new album, which I'd say is unique for a fashion magazine.

3) Clean blankets
After winter break I've been obsessive about keeping my room tidy, and this past weekend (while I was taking my SAT Literature test, haha) my mom decided to wash both my sheets, pillowcase, and blankets, which is a pretty big deal. Usually we wash them in a cycle, so having a completely fresh set of bed-things makes everything seem more unified and neat and clean and I've been sleeping so well. Out of bed, the overwhelmingly lovely smell of laundry follows me everywhere :)

4) IQQU Rice Scrub
Personally designed, created, packed, and shipped by makeup guru Michelle Phan, whom I've been following for at least five years now, this thing smells as good as it works (I mean the vice versa, but I can't say 'it works as good...'). I am not religious at all when it comes to skin care, but trying it out and HOW GOOD IT SMELLS!!! might even convince me to start taking care of my face, which I consciously neglect. Crazy stuff.

5) My Utmost for His Highest
This devotional, published in 1935 (let me restate that: 1935!!!) after the death of Oswald Chambers, is what I've been reading each night ever since a few days after the New Year (I was without internet access those few days). It's brief and intense, an uncommon combination that most devotionals lack, yet need. I followed the online version for almost a month, but just this week a close friend (who first mentioned it to me, actually) gave me a beautiful copy which is actually right next to my laptop right now. Definitely worth reading, whether through the internet or a physical copy. Tried and tested for over seventy years...how can you beat that?

And I will stop here, because the more I type, the more cashews I eat. Another few dollars down the drain. Poo.

Have a good weekend! :)

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