29 January 2010


After commenting on Rumi's blog for the AW bag giveaway that I mentioned a few posts ago, I have received more spam in two days than I have gotten in three or four years of using a singular email address. Dang it.

I plan on deleting the comment after the giveaway is over...you know...cause I have a 1/6000 chance of winning ;).

Anyway, the week's over! Today was kind of crazy; I was all over the place in terms of school work and concentration. The last few periods were especially nonsensical--my U.S. history class went completely out the window and we ended up discussing underclassmen look-a-likes and pansies. The grand finale was when a friend and I decided to scout out the so-called twin of someone in our class, and about thirty seconds after he and another joined us to help point out who it was, I turned around to see fifteen kids blocking the hallway, eyes saccading, ready to visually pounce on the anticipated clone.

Yeah...it didn't work that well. But it was absolutely hilarious, but then we all had to go to lockers and then leave school. I guess I'll have to find the look-a-like next week.

...Fun day :) and this weekend should be even better!

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