20 September 2009

"what is right, and what is wrung?," she said

"I love you,


truth is,

as much as I want to think,
and as much as you want to think,

it is likely to change."

"But I,

I have the ultimate love

the only love you need

the only acceptance you need
the only . . . you need

The only one you need
The only ONE you need
The only one YOU need
The ONLY one you need
The only one you NEED

Come back to Me;
stop your foolish ways
your foolish jealousy
your foolish anger
you're foolish.

so be still
and know that I am God."


  1. Your posts confuse me! Is something going on that's upsetting you? I want to help... :(

    P.S. The security code thing for this post was 'dingalin' heh.

  2. we can talk sometime, but it's nothing big, no worries :)